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NEXUS Gains Talks is a monthly online seminar series from the CGIAR Initiative on NEXUS Gains. The talks bring together water–energy–food–ecosystems (WEFE) nexus experts from around the world and provide insights on the latest nexus research, new approaches and tools, impacts on policies, and other reflections and experiences. Each hour-long webinar includes short presentations, followed by reflections from panelists, and a Q&A session with questions submitted by the audience.

Follow the links below to read a summary of each NEXUS Gains webinar, watch a recording of the event and download the presentations. Our webinars are also now available to listen to as podcasts. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about upcoming talks and register to join us on Zoom.

Our next webinar

Integrated water resources management for water, energy, and food security in the Eastern Nile Basin

June 12, 2024 | 12:00–13:00 UTC / 08:00–09:00 EST / 17:30–18:30 IST

Given the growing impacts of climate change and extreme weather events on water, energy, and food security and ecosystem health, we need to double down on better management of water resources. Integrated assessment models are increasingly called upon to assess not only the hydrological but also the economic and economy-wide impacts of water resource management strategies for key human development indicators, such as agricultural GDP, employment, and environmental flow availability. This webinar will present results from NEXUS Gains and related work in the Eastern Nile Basin that can help policymakers develop more impactful and integrated water solutions in a climate crisis.

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Catch up on our past webinars

Water–energy–food–ecosystems dynamics in a climate crisis

NEXUS Gains Talk 22: May 2024

The all-encompassing nature of climate crisis means that it is deeply connected to the WEFE nexus. This webinar attempted to answer how decision makers can use these connections to their advantage to support climate mitigation and adaptation goals – as well as sustainable development initiatives – while addressing the urgent challenges brought about by a changing climate.

With: Sidra Khalid and Dr Mohsin Hafeez, IWMI Pakistan; Professor Walter Immerzeel, Utrecht University; Dipak Gyawali, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology; Dr Bimala Rai Paudyal, Agriculture and Forestry University.

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The water–energy–food–ecosystems nexus and One Health: Opportunities for joint action?

NEXUS Gains Talk 21: April 2024

One Health advocates that human, environmental, and animal health are closely interlinked and that interventions should actively consider these interlinkages. This webinar presents two case studies where One Health and the WEFE nexus overlap: the first links built surface water storage systems with human health, while the second assesses the WEFE nexus of the rice–fisheries system.

With: Dr Jonathan Lautze and Dr Matthew McCartney, IWMI and NEXUS Gains; Vartika Singh, IFPRI-Delhi; Timmo Gaasbeek, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Alvin Lopez, Asian Development Bank.

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Transformative leadership program for women professionals in the water–energy–food–ecosystems nexus

NEXUS Gains Talk 20: March 2024

NEXUS Gains’ WEFE Leadership Course launched in Nepal in June 2023, with the aim of creating WEFE nexus champions that can advance the uptake of people-centric WEFE approaches, while contributing to greater equality and social inclusion among professionals. In this webinar, facilitators and participants reflect on their experiences of the course.

With: Dr Manohara Khadka, Dr Marlène Buchy and Dr Sanju Koirala, IWMI-Nepal; Dr Bharat Pokharel and Dr Meeta Pradhan, GREAT International; Anjali Sai Chalise, Nepalese Youth for Climate Action; Jigyasha Rai Yangkhurung, Nepalese Department of Water Resources and Irrigation; Deepa Oli, Nepalese Ministry of Forests and the Environment.

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Wetlands and human wellbeing: Perspectives from Asia and Africa

NEXUS Gains Talk 19: February 2024

Discover how community initiatives and government policies in Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka are fostering the wise use of wetlands – balancing the needs for human wellbeing and environmental protection of these precious ecosystems.

With: Dr Matthew McCartney, NEXUS Gains Lead; Dr Priyanie Amerasinghe, IWMI; Dr Thomas Marambanyika, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe; Dr Chaturangi Wickramaratne, IWMI; Chandana Kalupahana, Urban Development Authority, Sri Lanka; Zebedee Njisuh, Ramsar.

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Water–energy–food nexus modeling: A fad or the future?

NEXUS Gains Talk 18: December 2023

Held as part of Pakistan Water Week, this seminar underscores the merits of integrated modeling frameworks through a series of case studies, and debates whether modeling is really the future of water–energy–food nexus management.

With: Dr Bunyod Holmatov, International Water Management Institute (IWMI); Dr Steve Davies, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI); Dr Bushra Yasmin, Fatima Jinna Women University; Dr Imran Saqib Khalid, WWF; Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad; Dr Muhammad Jehanzeb Cheema, IWMI Pakistan; Dr Bashir Ahmad, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council.

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Energy, water, and multisectoral linkages in Africa

NEXUS Gains Talk 17: November 2023

An exploration of how new local- and national-scale open-source systems modeling can cut through competing demands to identify clear trade-offs and synergies between Africa’s water and energy sectors.

With: Mohammad Amin Tahavori, R&D Energy Modeling, VITO; Julien Harou, University of Manchester, UK; Dr. Osman Eltom Hamad, former Minister of Water for Sudan; Claudia Ringler, IFPRI and NEXUS Gains.

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Water is life, water is food: A nexus approach to water productivity that leaves no one behind

NEXUS Gains Talk 16: October 2023

As the climate shifts and water demand grows, improving water productivity is crucial. This webinar discusses how nexus solutions can boost water productivity and food security without increasing consumption, energy use, and inequality.

With: Bruce Lankford, University of East Anglia, UK; Sanju Koirala, IWMI; Upali Amarasinghe, IWMI; Professor Ragab Ragab, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage; Professor Sue Walker, Agricultural Research Council, South Africa.

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Gender and energy: Measures to accelerate equity and social inclusion in South Asia’s rural energy transition

NEXUS Gains Talk 15: September 2023

Universal access to affordable clean energy continues to be a global challenge. This webinar examines how South Asia’s rural energy transition can better include women and marginalized groups and how to widen access to affordable clean energy.

With: Shristi Shakya, IWMI Nepal; Neha Durga, IWMI India; Muzna Alvi, IFPRI India; Suman Chandra, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India; Resha Piya, Green Growth Group, British Embassy, Nepal.

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Integrating water storage: First steps in assessment, progress toward incentives

NEXUS Gains Talk 14: August 2023

Experts from NEXUS Gains and partners come together at World Water Week to share practical examples from two integrated storage assessments. Listen to the speakers’ perspectives on the institutional reform necessary to support integrated storage planning.

With: Jonathan Lautze, Girma Ebrahim, and Dhyey Bhatpuria, IWMI; William Rex, World Bank; Jennie Barron, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; Markus Hoffman, The Federation of Swedish Farmers; Kaushal Garg, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; Davies Saruchera, International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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Managed aquifer recharge in the Ganges Basin: Examining barriers to wider implementation

NEXUS Gains Talk 13: July 2023

The underground transfer of floods for irrigation is an innovative new approach to managed aquifer recharge. Experts examine whether it can help improve water security and lessen flood and drought severity.

With: Andrew Ross, Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University; Paul Pavelic, IWMI Lao PDR; Mohammad Faiz Alam and Navneet Sharma, IWMI India; Gayathri Angou, TU Delft and Wageningen University (AMS Institute).

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Country-driven nexus food and land use system pathways to achieve global goals

NEXUS Gains Talk 12: June 2023

An exploration of how the FABLE Consortium uses WEFE nexus thinking to support joined-up sustainability policies in India to ensure that global and national sustainability goals are not contradictory.

With: Fabrice DeClerck, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, and EAT; Aline Mosnier, FABLE Consortium; Charlotte Gonzalez-Abraham, FABLE Mexico; Ranjan Kumar Ghosh, FABLE India and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad; John Chavarro, FABLE Colombia and Javeriana University.

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Integrating water resources management in a shared river basin

NEXUS Gains Talk 11: May 2023

The Incomati is a vital transboundary basin in Southern Africa. However, climate change and population growth mean that it is at risk of drying up without responsive, data-driven, and coordinated management. Experts explain how they work together to build a robust and comprehensive river basin system model.

With: Jonathan Lautze, IWMI; Naga Velpuri, IWMI; Mikiyas Etichia, University of Manchester, UK.

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Nexus tools to support solarization of agriculture in Asia and Africa

NEXUS Gains Talk 10: April 2023

An engaging discussion on new solar sizing tools to help assess and enhance water–energy systems, ensuring food security, income generation and climate resilience across Asia and Africa.

With: Claudia Ringler, NEXUS Gains and IFPRI; Shilp Verma, IWMI; Hua Xie, IFPRI.

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The future of water research

NEXUS Gains Talk 9: March 2023

Transformative Futures for Water Security is an initiative co-convened by IWMI. Learn about the missions created for inclusive, science-based action on water security and the collaborative process that led to their development.

With: Mark Smith, IWMI; Hasula Wickremasinghe, Climate Change Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, Sri Lanka; Marcella D’Souza, Director, Watershed Organisation Trust Centre for Resilience Studies; Muhammad Nasir Jamal, Rabail Technologies; Raunak Shrestha, Global Water Partnership South Asia.

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A nexus agreement on biodiversity: 23 global targets for nature and people

NEXUS Gains Talk 8: February 2023

This review of the 23 global targets agreed at COP15 explores their relevance to the WEFE nexus and discusses implications and opportunities for research and development activities.

With: Dr Fabrice DeClerck, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, and EAT; Dr Carolina Navarrete Frias, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT.

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Carbon emissions from inland water

NEXUS Gains Talk 7: December 2022

A discussion on the carbon footprint of water, how it relates to the WEFE nexus and why this is important, alongside an explanation of how to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs.

With: Bunyod Holmatov, Nishadi Eriyagama and Matthew McCartney, NEXUS Gains and IWMI

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Tools for groundwater governance

NEXUS Gains Talk 6: November 2022

A discussion of the importance of groundwater governance with examples of institutional tools and policy instruments to support changes in water productivity and sustainability. Experts share their experiences of increasing capacity for community governance of groundwater in India.

With: Ruth Meinzen-Dick, IFPRI; Bryan Bruns, independent researcher and consultant; Pratiti Priyadarshini, Foundation for Ecological Security in India.

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Recurring floods: building resilience in the wake of climate change

NEXUS Gains Talk 5: October 2022

This webinar discusses the impact of climate change on snow and glacier melt patterns, floods and agriculture in the Indus Basin. It features a presentation of the systemic approaches to mitigating water risks in the basin in a changing climate.

With: Dr Santosh Nepal, IWMI Nepal; Dr Mohsin Hafeez, IWMI Pakistan; Dr Claudia Ringler, IFPRI.

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Towards an integrated water storage diagnostic

NEXUS Gains Talk 4: September 2022

From melting ice sheets to groundwater depletion, our planet has lost 27,000 billion cubic meters of freshwater storage since 1971. This webinar shares expert insights on urgent water storage needs and opportunities.

With: William Rex, IWMI; Anita Lazurko, IWMI and University of Waterloo, Canada.

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Foresight modeling and trade-off analysis for the water–energy–food nexus

NEXUS Gains Talk 3: July 2022

An expert analysis of water use and crop production in India and a discussion on balancing smart irrigation and hydropower investments for sustainable water conservation in the Indus Basin.

With: Simon Parkinson, IWMI; Vartika Singh, IFPRI, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Watch a recording of the webinar

Applying water–energy–food–ecosystem nexus thinking

NEXUS Gains Talk 2: June 2022

An exploration of lessons learned from the introduction of WEFE nexus thinking in Southern Africa, alongside an examination of trade-offs and synergies in sustainably and equitably energizing food systems.

With: Tafadzwa Mabhaudhi, IWMI Ghana; Natalia Estrada Carmona, Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT.

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Sustainably energizing food systems

NEXUS Gains Talk 1: April 2022

An overview from speakers of the extensive work in India and across South Asia, a presentation of key lessons learned through the evolution of the WEFE nexus, and future research for development activities as part of NEXUS Gains.

With: Shilp Verma, IWMI; Muzna Alvi, IFPRI.

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