Representatives of Funders and developing countries meet as a System Councilgoverned by the CGIAR System Framework, to keep under review the strategy, mission, impact and continued relevancy of the CGIAR System in a rapidly changing landscape of agricultural research for development. The System Council consists of up to 20 voting members, comprised by up to 15 representatives of CGIAR’s Funders, and 5 developing country representatives (that are either Funders, countries hosting a CGIAR Research Center, or countries with significant national agricultural systems).

The System Council works collaboratively with the System Management Board to deliver on CGIAR’s mission benefiting from the inclusion of a number of CGIAR’s important partners who participate as either ex-officio non-voting members or as active observers.

The CGIAR System Framework defines the System Council’s functions according to the following overarching themes:

  • Vision, Strategic Direction, and Advocacy
  • Governance
  • Partnership Engagement and Resource Mobilization
  • Financial and Programmatic Performance
  • Evaluations and Impact Assessment

At the System Council’s 10th meeting on 10-11 June 2020, Dr. Juergen Voegele, Vice President for Sustainable Development, the World Bank, was appointed for a second four-year term as Chair of the System Council, with effect from 12 July 2020.

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