Representatives of Funders and developing countries meet as a System Councilgoverned by the CGIAR System Framework, to keep under review the strategy, mission, impact and continued relevancy of the CGIAR System in a rapidly changing landscape of agricultural research for development. The System Council consists of up to 20 voting members, comprising up to 15 representatives of CGIAR’s Funders and five developing country representatives (either Funders, countries hosting a CGIAR Research Center, or countries with significant national agricultural systems).

The System Council works collaboratively with the CGIAR System Board to deliver on CGIAR’s mission benefiting from the inclusion of a number of CGIAR’s important partners who participate as either ex-officio non-voting members or as active observers.

The CGIAR System Framework defines the System Council’s functions according to the following overarching themes:

  • Vision, Strategic Direction, and Advocacy
  • Governance
  • Partnership Engagement and Resource Mobilization
  • Financial and Programmatic Performance
  • Evaluations and Impact Assessment

At the System Council’s 10th meeting on June 10–11,  2020, Dr. Juergen Voegele, Vice President for Sustainable Development, the World Bank, was appointed for a second four-year term as Chair of the System Council, with effect from July 12, 2020.

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