The CGIAR Trust Fund is a multi-Funder, multi-year mechanism that delivers financial resources for CGIAR research and key System functions. Our research is aligned with CGIAR’s Strategy and Results Framework which provides overall strategic direction to deliver on our mission and contribute strongly to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Funding to the CGIAR Trust Fund is channeled through three Windows:

  • Portfolio – Portfolio investments: funding allocated to the entire CGIAR portfolio of approved system-wide investments prioritized and allocated by Funders collectively through the System Council – supporting CGIAR as a whole.
  • Designated – Program investments: funding allocated by Funders individually to any component (CRP, Platform or initiative) of the system-wide portfolio as prioritized, defined and approved by the Funders collectively through the System Council; and
  • Window 3 (W3) – Project investments: funding allocated by Funders individually to projects that are defined by the Funders themselves (with partners) and that are aligned with system-wide investments.

What is the CGIAR Trust Fund dashboard?

The CGIAR Trust Fund dashboard is a resource which provides a visual overview of contributions to CGIAR  by Funders and disbursements made to the Centers and CRP’s since 2011.

Who are the intended users of this dashboard?

CGIAR’s Funders, our CGIAR Partners, CGIAR Research Centers, CGIAR Research Programs, the CGIAR System Organization, and anyone interested in the overview of CGIAR’s funding flows. If you need further information about this resource, please contact us.

CGIAR Trust Fund Contributions

This dashboard shows contributions by Funders by Funding Windows since 2011


CGIAR Trust Fund Disbursements

This dashboard shows disbursements to Centers and Programs by Funding Windows since 2011


Financing plan

This Dashboard shows a summary of Allocation of Portfolio & Designated Funding to the CGIAR
Research Portfolio in the current year