• How to prevent famine in Gaza

    Experts warn of a catastrophic food crisis affecting millions without immediate humanitarian intervention

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  • CGIAR Science Week: Shaping a sustainable future through science

    Inaugural event will focus on global food, nutrition, and climate solutions

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  • Unlocking Africa's agricultural potential with CGIAR's post-2025 blueprint

    Namukolo Covic, CGIAR's Regional Director for East and Southern Africa, reveals a roadmap for resilient and sustainable food systems

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  • Driving gender equality through anticipatory action in crisis zones

    CGIAR initiative explores gender-inclusive strategies to protect vulnerable women and girls in disaster-impacted areas

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Introducing CGIAR's Research Initiatives

Today, research and innovation in food, land and water systems are crucial for a sustainable, climate-resilient world free from hunger and malnutrition. New approaches — and a doubling of investment — are needed to ensure we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. A more integrated and impactful CGIAR is rising to the challenge, with a fresh portfolio of Initiatives to deliver a new 10-year strategy.

Explore the Initiatives

Our assets

  • 15 top-class Research Centers

    CGIAR’s global network of 15 Research Centers contributes to an unrivalled mix of knowledge, skills and research facilities able to respond to emerging development issues.

  • 3,000+ partners

    Unequalled partnerships network of more than 3,000 partners from national governments, academic institutions, global policy bodies, private companies and NGOs.

  • 89 countries

    We have a local presence in 89 countries with a deep knowledge of customs, values and market operations in developing countries.

  • 50 years experience

    A wealth of experience and knowledge spanning 50 years that builds on a track-record of innovation and world-class research.

  • 770,000+ germplasm accessions

    CGIAR Research Centers have together built up the largest and most frequently accessed network of genebanks in the world.

  • 60+ innovations that changed the world

    In 2021, CGIAR celebrated its 50th anniversary by showcasing its most impactful innovations of all time.

Learn about CGIAR’s transformation