CGIAR has a deep commitment to partnership, transparency and accountability. This is reflected in the CGIAR governance structure which focuses on enabling CGIAR’s Research Centers and Partners to conduct high-quality research for development based on a solid foundation of clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities.

Partnership, transparency and accountability is a priority across all CGIAR activities. For example:

In 2018, the Chairs of CGIAR’s Audit Committees agreed to commission a single firm to carry out an External Quality Assessment (‘EQA’) of all Center Internal Audit services. That work was overseen by the CGIAR System Internal Audit Function, and a copy of the Executive Summary of the Consolidated Report was shared with the System Management Board and its Audit and Risk Committee in April 2019.

In 2018, CGIAR developed an annual ‘CGIAR Integrity Report’, providing summarized analysis on financial irregularity matters reported to the System Organization.