Today, research and innovation in food, land and water systems are crucial for a sustainable, climate-resilient world free from hunger and malnutrition. New approaches are needed to ensure we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. A more integrated and impactful CGIAR is rising to the challenge, with a fresh portfolio of Initiatives to deliver a new 10-year strategy.

Covering all research for development programming across CGIAR, the 2030 Research and Innovation Strategy provides an overview of how CGIAR will develop and deploy its capacities, assets, and skills to address priority global and regional challenges with partners over the decade.

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The CGIAR 2022–24 Investment Prospectus provides a body of research and innovation — a set of CGIAR Research Initiatives to be supported with pooled funding — to deliver on the five Impact Areas set out in the Strategy.

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Action Areas

CGIAR strives for global and regional impact by organizing its research along three Action Areas in which accelerated innovation is required to create sustainable and resilient food, land, and water systems and to meet SDG targets. The three Action Areas build on the firm foundation of CGIAR’s traditional strengths in genetics and farming systems with a more ambitious agenda around food, land and water systems.

Impact Areas

  • CGIAR research aims to create real, lasting, and positive impact in five key Impact Areas.

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    Improving small-scale producers’ resilience and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from food systems.

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    Increasing productivity in food systems while staying within environmental boundaries and maintaining biodiversity.

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    Closing the gender gap and enhancing opportunities for youth in food, land, and water systems.

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    Ending hunger and enabling safe, affordable, healthy diets for the world's most vulnerable people.

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    Building on a 50-year track record of lifting millions out of poverty.

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Research Initiatives

CGIAR Initiatives are major, prioritized areas of investment that bring capacity from within and beyond CGIAR to bear on major challenges. The Initiatives build on a track record of 50 years of research and collaboration to accelerate innovative solutions to achieve impact aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Research Centers

CGIAR Research Centers are non-profit research organizations conducting innovative research. Home to more than 9,000 scientists, researchers, technicians and staff, the Centers work to transform food, land and water systems in a climate crisis. Click on a Center below to learn more.

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