CGIAR is the world’s largest public global agricultural innovation network, producing science for development in an accountable and transparent way.

The CGIAR dashboards and decision registers provide access to information on CGIAR results, financials, Trust Fund and governance decisions. The dashboards have been designed with users in mind, offering different filters and ways to view the data.

Results Dashboard

The Results Dashboard presents yearly results achieved by the CGIAR Research Programs and Platforms, providing access both to summarized results and to the detailed underlying data. The Dashboard draws on quality-checked information from the annual reports of the CGIAR Research Programs and Platforms.

Results Dashboard

Results from all CGIAR Research Programs and Platforms, including Outcome Impact Case Reports, common results reporting indicators, and insights.



Financial Dashboards

The Financial Dashboards present yearly financial results from Centers and CGIAR Research Centers and Platforms. These Dashboards are based on the aggregation of the information reported in the externally audited Financial Statements of the CGIAR Research Centers and the CGIAR System Organization.


A snapshot of the aggregated results, financial position, including historical funding data from 2011 by source of funding.


Center Analysis

Center results and financial indicators, plus revenues by source of funding and expenses by different categories, region and CGIAR Research Programs and Platforms.


Program Analysis

A summary of CGIAR Research Programs and Platform expenditure by source of funding, plus their cash positions at the end of the year.


Funder Analysis

An analysis of Funder activities, including allocations to Centers and CGIAR Research Programs and Platforms.



Trust Fund Dashboards

The CGIAR Trust Fund Dashboards provide an overview of contributions to the CGIAR Trust Fund by Funders, and disbursements made to the Centers and CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) since 2011.

CGIAR Trust Fund Contributions

This dashboard shows contributions by Funders by Funding Windows since 2011.


CGIAR Trust Fund Disbursements

This dashboard shows disbursements to Centers and Programs by Funding Windows since 2011.


Financing plan

This dashboard shows a summary of Funding Allocation of Window 1 & Window 2 to the CGIAR Research Portfolio in the current year.



Governance Decisions

Decisions taken by CGIAR’s key governing bodies are all publicly available and logged in searchable registers. For more information on how CGIAR’s Governance works, click here.

System Council Decision Register

The System Council, whose voting members include CGIAR Funders and developing country representatives, reviews the strategy, mission, impact and continued relevance of CGIAR in a rapidly changing landscape of agricultural research for development.


System Management Board Decision Register

Working in partnership with the System Council, the System Management Board keeps under review the effectiveness of the CGIAR System, and adopts and monitors compliance with CGIAR policies, procedures and guidelines.



Active Grants

A dashboard tracking various CGIAR grants that are under implementation.

Funder View

This dashboard reports on all the collective Grants of the CGIAR System. Inter-Center grants were eliminated in this view to remove the double counting of pledge amounts and number of grants.


Center View

The dashboard reports on all the active Grants by each Center, including the Inter-Center grants to illustrate their complete Center activities.


Funder and Grant size

Reports on all collective Grants of the CGIAR System with emphasis on grants size analysis per Funder at System level.



Gender, Diversity and Inclusion (GDI)

The CGIAR Gender, Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) Dashboards monitor and evaluate GDI progress in CGIAR’s Workplaces.

CGIAR Workforce Data – A GDI Lens

Gender and diversity dimensions of the CGIAR workforce are shown cross-System and by individual Center and Alliance.


GDI Matrix

Results of reporting against the requirements of the CGIAR GDI matrix are shown cross-System and by individual Center and Alliance.