CGIAR’s commitment to Gender, Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) has been reconfirmed in the GDI Framework and Action Plan. In accordance with the 2020 objectives of the latter, and to establish a robust baseline and monitoring system for measuring and propelling GDI progress, the following have been created:

  • CGIAR GDI Matrix to track and share progress (Objective 1.1.b of the Action Plan)
  • shared CGIAR definition of staffing categories and diversity dimensions (1.2.a)
  • online tool to enable efficient GDI data collection (1.2.b)

The common staff index and shared diversity dimensions and the indicators of the GDI Matrix were co-created through a highly consultative 4-month process involving the CGIAR’s Human Resource Community of Practice (HR CoP) with representation from all CGIAR Centers and Alliances.

To facilitate alignment and systemization for collecting cross-System GDI-related data, an online reporting site has been developed for all Centers and Alliances to use. Results of reporting are presented in the CGIAR Workforce and GDI Matrix Dashboards.

Diversity Dimensions for Workforce Data

The new common staff index and shared diversity dimensions represents the most robust and exhaustive overview of all CGIAR personnel to date, reflecting CGIAR’s strong commitment to transparency and accountability through identifying areas in need of greater diversity.

The comprehensive picture of workforce diversity provided allows for an intersectional examination of diversity, across the System and in Centers and Alliances. This includes providing a view across select dimensions including gender, age, nationality, education, recruitment type, duty post, tenure, seniority, disciplinary area, and household composition.

While numbers on representation help us to quickly identify areas in need of advancement, to truly create an inclusive culture, GDI dimensions must be supported by policies, standard guidance, training and a robust internal GDI network to ensure CGIAR workplaces are welcoming to, and supportive of, all staff. Progress towards these activities and their outcomes are captured by the CGIAR GDI Matrix.

GDI Matrix

The GDI Matrix draws upon international best practice in the area of accountability for gender, diversity and inclusion, including the United Nation’s accountability framework for gender equality, the UN System-wide Action Plan for Gender Equality (UN-SWAP). The GDI Matrix allows CGIAR Centers and Alliances to track progress against the GDI Action Plan targets, while also simultaneously promoting engagement and recognizing achievements.

The Matrix has 15 performance indicators. Each indicator includes specific requirements which are measured by four progressive ratings. The ratings allow CGIAR Centers and Alliances to self-assess and report on their current performance level for each indicator, and to move progressively towards higher performance. The Matrix contains both activity-based and numerical results-based targets to ensure accountability for commitment to actions set out in the CGIAR GDI Action Plan and to measure the impact of actions taken.

CGIAR Workforce Data – A GDI Lens

Gender and diversity dimensions of the CGIAR workforce are shown cross-System and by individual Center and Alliance.


GDI Matrix

Results of reporting against the requirements of the CGIAR GDI matrix are shown cross-System and by individual Center and Alliance.