Investment Prospectus 2022–2024


CGIAR’s Theory of Change

The Initiatives in the Investment Prospectus are integral to CGIAR’s theory of change.  

Click to enlarge. Source: CGIAR 2022–24 Investment Prospectus.


CGIAR seeks to drive change through innovation systems towards a world with sustainable and resilient food, land, and water systems that deliver more diverse, healthy, safe, sufficient, and affordable diets, and ensure improved livelihoods and greater social equality, within planetary and regional environmental boundaries.  

CGIAR will strategically connect to and work with demand partners that are key agents of change in food, land, and water systems. Dialogue with these partners will identify specific challenges and barriers to transformation that CGIAR research and innovation can contribute to resolving. CGIAR will work with innovation partners and scaling partners to develop priority innovation packages — interlinked actions across technology, capacity building, and policy — that can bring innovations to scale through relevant pathways.  

These partnerships and pathways are set within three spheres: the sphere of control, within which CGIAR has direct control of activities that result in outputs; the sphere of influence, which refers to outcomes from innovations and research that have been directly influenced by CGIAR; and the sphere of interest, which involves outcomes and impacts that have been indirectly influenced by CGIAR.  

CGIAR’s theory of change helps ensure that our activities, and our partnerships, are fully focused on achieving impact across the five Impact Areas. 


Header photo: Pratima Baral (right), a CGIAR researcher based at CIMMYT, demonstrates the use of a farming app in the field with Sita Kumari (center), farmer, and her friend Nilam (left). The technology assists farmers in remote areas, who would otherwise have limited access to information on market prices and services. Photo by C. De Bode/CGIAR.