Impact Area:
Gender equality, youth
& social inclusion

Closing the gender gap and
enhancing opportunities for youth
in food, land, and water systems.

Photo by Metro Media/IWMI.

On average, women make up 43% of the agricultural labor force in low- and middle-income countries, yet their access to resources, rights, and services is limited, holding back prosperity for all.

Photo by C. Hanotte/ILRI.

More than 85% of the world’s 1.2 billion youth live in low- and middle-income countries, where  many face limited opportunities for employment or entrepreneurship.

Photo by P. Lowe/CIMMYT-MAIZE.

Improving the lives and livelihoods of women, youth, and other marginalized groups is vital for equitable, productive, resilient and sustainable food systems.


Through research and innovation, CGIAR aims to contribute to collective global targets for Gender Equality, Youth, and Social Inclusion:

  • Close the gender gap in rights to economic resources, access to ownership, and control over land and natural resources for over 500 million women who work in food, land, and water systems.
  • Offer rewarding opportunities to 267 million young people who are not in employment, education, or training.

To do this, CGIAR Initiatives will:

  • Focus on gender-transformative approaches, communication, and advocacy that lead to empowerment of women and youth, encourage entrepreneurship, and address the socio-political barriers to social inclusion in food, land, and water systems.
  • Develop and implement interventions designed to enable equal access to innovations and capacity development, as well as financial, informational, and legal services for women and young people to enable them to shape agrifood systems.
  • Supply improved varieties and breeds that are affordable and accessible to women, youth, and disadvantaged social groups, meeting their specific market requirements and preferences.

All CGIAR Initiatives will contribute to Gender Equality, Youth, and Social Inclusion. Below, browse a selection of Initiatives that primarily contribute to this Impact Area.

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