Empowering women in science: IITA’s impact on academic and career paths

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Over the years, IITACGIAR has invested significantly in the academic pursuits of science students, both men and women, particularly at the MSc and PhD levels. This investment has played a crucial role in shaping the career paths of many young women in science within the Institute, thereby enhancing their participation in scientific research and expanding the research frontiers, ultimately contributing to food security in Africa.

As part of celebrating women in IITA, some research fellows shared their experiences at IITA and the impact the Institute has had on their mindsets, academic journeys, and career paths.

Ufuoma Akpojotor, a PhD research fellow studying Crop Biotechnology at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), shared that before coming to IITA, she believed science was a challenging field for women. However, her experience at IITA has shown her that the Institute encourages women to participate in science through its policies and equal opportunities for both genders. “I see women handling leadership positions well. So, I know that as a woman, I can be whatever I want to be,” she said.

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