International Aid Transparency Initiative

CGIAR is committed to transparency in development cooperation spending.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) is a voluntary, multi-stakeholder initiative that unites organizations engaged in development cooperation, including governments, multilateral institutions, private sector and civil society organizations, around the common goal of increasing transparency in aid spending thus improving its effectiveness in tackling poverty. This body administers the IATI Standard, a format and framework for publishing data on development cooperation activities, that allows organizations to publish detailed information for decision-making and accountability. IATI also maintains the Registry, a single point of access for the data organizations publish to the IATI Standard.

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CGIAR’s Commitment to the IATI Standard

Following the 2019 Multilateral Organization Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) assessment, CGIAR’s response to MOPAN pledged to conduct a gap analysis and start the process of publishing CGIAR data via the International  Aid  Transparency  Initiative (IATI). With the gap assessment concluded, CGIAR is now prepared to publish system-wide grant-level data to the IATI Standard for the first time.

CGIAR Data Overview

The CGIAR IATI publication contains two core datasets that contain IATI activities:

  • Data on the research Initiatives (including yearly expenses and funding information)  that underpin the CGIAR portfolio 2022-2024
  • Data on grants provided to Centers, across all research programs.  Included in each grant is the name of the funder(s), the value, key dates and extra information such as SDGs.  Much of this data is already published through the publicly available CGIAR Results Dashboard &  Financial dashboards at a high level – by enabling its availability through IATI, provides more accessibility and additional layers of granularity.

 A few notes on terminology and methodology used within the Grants dataset: 

  • Inter-Center grants have been eliminated in the dataset to avoid double counting;
  • All amounts are presented in US dollars. Where applicable, values have been converted from originating grant currency into US dollars at the prevailing rate at the time of the grant; 
  • Grants are organized by the year of the original contract signature; 
  • Each grant is mapped to the country or countries of benefit and implementation. For purposes of these activities, the amount per country is an average share of each country of benefit or implementation for the grant.

For more information on CGIAR funding, please consult the Funders page and the CGIAR Financial Report Dashboards.

IATI Files

File name/type File Date Published
Organization file CGIAR Organizational File 3.3.22
Activity File CGIAR Grants Activity file 06.06.24
Activity File CGIAR Initiatives Activity file 06.30.23

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