The CGIAR System operates according to a set of guidance documents that establish the overall policy and operational environment for the System. These include Frameworks and Policies, which must be adhered to, and Guidelines, Processes, and Procedures which can be developed and implemented at various level of the System. Typically, Frameworks set out overall guidance and have underlying Policies which guide implementation.

Documents are adopted in various ways depending on the importance of the topic and the level of risk managed. The CGIAR System Council approves documents that are critical to maintaining the reputation of the CGIAR System and the System Management Board approves other System wide documents.



Good Practice Notes

These Good Practice Notes were developed in collaboration with subject matter experts in CGIAR; they build on experience accumulated by Research Centers and leverage knowledge, tools and approaches developed externally. Their purpose is to provide reference tools to support Research Center and System Organization management in their efforts to establish efficient and effective business processes.