CGIAR System Internal Audit Function

The general principles and purpose of the establishment of the Internal Audit Function, along with its implementation arrangements, are set out in its Terms of Reference.

Principles of operation: 

Confidentiality and trust, demand-driven, cost-efficient, value for money and close coordination with other assurance providers.


The primary purpose of the Internal Audit Function is to identify strategic recommendations that add value and improve CGIAR System-wide operations, achievable only by reason that the Internal Audit Function arrangements take a cross-System view. Internal Audit Function recommendations may result from conducting engagements commissioned by the Audit and Risk Committee or from analysis undertaken at the request of the Audit and Risk Committee but which draws upon pre-existing information. Due to its System focused mandate, the Internal Audit Function does not deliver Center-specific internal audit assurance or advisory engagements.

Professional standards:

The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)’s International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and the Code of Ethics, which form part of the IIA’s Professional Practice Framework have been adopted by CGIAR since 2001. Those standards apply to the delivery of the Internal Audit Function unless otherwise determined by the System Management Board’s Audit and Risk Committee.

Areas of work:

In 2020, the Internal Audit Function will focus on the following areas of work:

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Contact Madina Bazarova , Head, Internal Audit Function for more information.