As an integral part of the CGIAR System, the CGIAR System Management Board, comprised of 9 Voting members, 1 Ex-Officio Non-Voting member and 4 Active observers, is responsible for providing strategic direction and effective governance and leadership of the CGIAR System Organization. The CGIAR System Management Board provides a mechanism for CGIAR’s Research Centers to participate in decisions that impact the operations of the CGIAR System Organization and the CGIAR System as a whole.

Working in partnership with the CGIAR System Council, the System Management Board keeps under review the effectiveness of the CGIAR System, its reputation for excellence, and adopts and monitors compliance with CGIAR policies, procedures and guidelines, with a view to ensuring results and the continued relevance of CGIAR’s agricultural research for development.

The System Management Board may recommend to a Center’s Board of Trustees, actions that may be considered to better response to the evolving challenges of international agricultural research, taking into account any recommendations of the System Council.

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