The CGIAR System Organization is governed by the Charter of the CGIAR System Organization, and in collaboration with the CGIAR System Council, provides governance to the CGIAR System. The System Organization has an important role in facilitating and overseeing the development, effective and efficient implementation of the CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework.The System Organization enters into agreements with the trustee of the CGIAR Trust Fund, Funders, Centers and other relevant entities for funding CGIAR Research and other activities of the CGIAR System.

The System Organization is headed by an Executive Director. With effect from 3 October 2016, Elwyn Grainger-Jones was appointed as Executive Director of the System Organization.

The System Organization is comprised of the following two constituent parts:

The System Management Board is the governing body of the System Organization. Its composition, functions and operational procedures are set forth in the Charter of the CGIAR System Organization.

The System Management Office, hosted in Montpellier, France, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the System Organization, and for providing support to the System Management Board and the System Council. The System Management Office has a key role in facilitating collaboration across the CGIAR System to support the fulfillment of CGIAR’s mission and the goals of the CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework.

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