CGIAR System Council

Led by a Chair who is appointed by the System Council for a four-year term, the System Council is comprised of the following voting members and alternates, ex-officio non-voting members and active observers.

Pursuant to the CGIAR System Framework, all System Council members and Active Observers act in the interests of the CGIAR System.

Every three years, eligible Funders and developing countries* consult and agree upon their constituencies, which may comprise one or more governments or organizations. The current allocation of Funders is based on consultations undertaken in 2016.

The rules and procedures governing how each constituency operates are determined by the constituencies themselves.

Download: System Council Composition

Leadership, Ex-officio non-voting members

Chair of the System Council
(Serving a second four-year term effective from July 12, 2020)
Juergen Voegele
Vice President for Sustainable Development, World Bank
Appointed by the System Council for each meeting from amongst its voting members

20 Voting members, July 2016 – 2022*

CGIAR System Council constituency selection process

*Based on decision SC/M12/DP5 to extend reconciliation of Funder seating
**Denotes one of the five developing country constituencies of the System Council

No Constituency/Country Member Alternate (optional)
1 African Development Bank Martin Fregene
Department of Agriculture and Agro-Industry
Laouali Garba
Ag. Manager, Production, Research and Sustainability Division, Department of Agriculture and Agro-Industry
2 Australia Andrew Campbell
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
Julianne Biddle
Director Multilateral Engagement,
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)
3 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Renee Lafitte
Deputy Director, Crops R&D
Rinn Self
Senior Program Officer, Agricultural Development
4 Canada Corry van Gaal
Agricultural Programs and
Food Systems Division
Global Affairs Canada
Mushtaq Ahmed
Senior Agriculture Specialist
Agricultural Programs and Food Systems Division
Global Affairs Canada
5 East Asia and Pacific**
(China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand)
Hao Weiping
Deputy Director General, Department of International Cooperation (CAAS)
Djati Wicaksono
Director of Research Center for Social Economy Policy and Climate Change
6 European Commission Christophe Larose
Head of Sustainable Agriculture Sector, DEVCO C1, European Commission
7 Germany and Belgium Sebastian Lesch
Head of Division, International Agricultural Policy, Agriculture, Innovation, Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Carol Durieux
Attaché, expert agriculture, food security and water, FPS Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
8 Japan

Naoko Takasugi
Senior Deputy Director
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Takuma Kojima
Deputy Director, Global Issues Cooperation Division, International Cooperation, Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
9 Latin America and Caribbean**
(Brazil, Colombia and Peru)
PERU (2021)
To be confirmed
BRAZIL (2021)
Pedro Luiz Oliveira de Almeida Machado
Coordinator, Embrapa Labex Europe, Brazilian Agriculture Research Corporation, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply
10 Mexico Adriana Ivette Herrera Moreno  Agricultural Attaché of the Mexican Mission to the European Union
11 The Netherlands Wijnand van IJssel
Knowledge Policy Coordinator Food Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
12 Norway Even Stormoen
Senior Adviser, Section of Energy, Climate and Food Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Daniel van Gilst
Senior Adviser, Norad
13 South Asia**
(Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka)
T. Mohapatra
Secretary, Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE) & Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)

BANGLADESH (20202021)
S.M. Bokhtiar
Executive Chairman, Bangladesh Agricultural Research
Council (BARC)

SRI LANKA (Jan. 2018end 2019)

14 Sub-Saharan Africa**
(Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan and Uganda)
Garba Hamidu Sharubutu
Executive Secretary of the Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN)
KENYA (Jan. 2020end 2021)
Eliud Kireger
Director General,
Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research OrganizationSUDAN (Jan. 2018-end 2019)
15 Sweden AnnaKarin Norling
Senior Research Advisor, Unit for Research Cooperation, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
Philip Chiverton
Consultant, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
16 Switzerland Michel Evéquoz
Senior Advisor, Global Program Food Security Swiss Development Cooperation
17 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Alan Tollervey
18 United States Robert Bertram
Chief Scientist, Bureau for Food Security, USAID
Eric Witte
Senior International Affairs Specialist, USAID
19 West Asia & North Africa**
(Turkey and Iran; Member and Alternate rotates each 2 years)
TURKEY (From July 1, 2020)
Nevzat Birişik                        Director General, TAGEM
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
IRAN (From July 1, 2020)
Mohammad Reza Balali
Senior Advisor to the Deputy Minister and Head, Agricultural Research, Education & Extension Organization (AREEO)
(Note: previously member from July 2018-June 2020)
20 The World Bank Mark Cackler
Practice Manager, Global Practice for Agriculture
Michael Morris
Lead Agriculture Economist

Ex-officio non-voting members

The following 6 System Council seats are additional to the 2 ex-officio non-voting members held by the System Council Chair and the Co-Chair, the latter of whom is appointed by the System Council each meeting from amongst the voting members.
No Organization Member Alternate (optional)
21 Chair of the CGIAR System Board Marco Ferroni
22 Executive Director of the CGIAR System Organization Elwyn Grainger-Jones
Executive Director
23 Representative appointed by the Centers – 1 Nicole Birrell
Convener of the Center Board Chairs
24 Representative appointed by the Centers – 2 Gareth Johnstone
Convener of the Center Directors General
25 Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations Ismahane Elouafi
Chief Scientist
Selvaraju Ramasamy
Head, Research and Extension Unit (AGDR)
26 International Fund for Agricultural Development Malu Ndavi
Lead Technical Specialist, Programme Management Department

Active Observers

Active Observers have the right to participate in deliberations of the System Council and to propose agenda items and make presentations for such deliberations. Active Observers do not have the right to vote.
No Organization Member Alternate (optional)
27 Global Forum on Agricultural Research Raffaele Maiorano
GFAR Chair
28 CGIAR Independent Science for Development Council Holger Meinke
ISDC Chair
Strategic Research Professor for Global Food Sustainability, University of Tasmania

Invited Guests

Representatives of each of the following are invited to System Council meetings:

  • France, in its capacity as the Host Country of the CGIAR System Organization
  • The Chair of the System Council’s Assurance Oversight Committee
  • The Chair of the Standing Panel on Impact Assessment
  • The Trustee of the CGIAR Trust Fund (the World Bank)