The System Council has two Standing Committees as follows:

1. Strategic Impact, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee (SIMEC)

The purpose of SIMEC is to assist the System Council by providing advice and guidance on the gaps, challenges, and synergies relating to the System Council Advisory Bodies (SPIA, ISDC, and IAES), including their relationship with CGIAR’s internal Portfolio Performance and Project Coordination Units, and on the approval of CGIAR policies related to strategic impact, monitoring, and/or evaluation.

SIMEC is currently comprised of eight members, for a maximum of 9 seats, as appointed by the System Council. Members are appointed until 30 June 2026, unless earlier determined by the System Council:

No System Council voting constituency Nominated member
1 African Development Bank Dougou Keita
2 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Ruben Echeverria
3 Canada Nikita Eriksen-Hamel
4 Germany and Belgium Thomas Miethbauer
5 South Asia Ravi Khetarpal
6 United Kingdom Alan Tollervey (Interim Chair)
7 United States Gary Jahn
8 West Asia & North Africa Didem Kökden

The approved terms of reference are available here.

2. Assurance Oversight Committee (AOC)

The purpose of the AOC is to provide the System Council with assurance of the completeness and effectiveness of the Internal Audit Function and the independence of external audit functions, a structured reporting line between internal and external auditors and the System Council and oversight system-wide governance, risk management and internal controls.

The approved Terms of Reference are available here.

The AOC is comprised of up to five members, as appointed by the System Council:

No Member Name Type of Member Term (unless earlier determined by the System Council)
1 Fayezul Choudhury Independent Member  Until June 30, 2026
2 Flora Mak System Council Member (Canada) Until June 30, 2027
3 Rita O’Sullivan Independent Member  Until June 30, 2027
4 Sarah Schmidt System Council Member (Germany and Belgium) Until June 30, 2026
5 Muriel Uzan (Chair) Independent Member  Until June 30, 2025