The CGIAR System Council is the strategic decision-making body of the CGIAR System that keeps under review the strategy, mission, impact and continued relevancy of the System as a whole. The Council meets face-to-face not less than twice per year, and conducts business electronically between sessions. Additional meetings can be held if necessary.

All CGIAR System Council meetings and documents

  • 5th CGIAR System Council Meeting

    • Cali, Colombia
    • 09.11.17 > 10.11.17

    The 5th meeting of the CGIAR System Council took place on 9 and 10 November 2017 in Cali, Colombia.

  • 4th CGIAR System Council Meeting

    • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • 10.05.17 > 11.05.17

    The System Council hosted its 4th meeting on 10 and 11 May 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • 3rd CGIAR System Council Meeting

    • Virtual
    • 23.11.16

    The System Council hosted its 3rd meeting virtually, on 23 November 2016.

  • 2nd CGIAR System Council Meeting

    • Mexico City, Mexico
    • 25.09.16 > 26.09.16

    The CGIAR System Council held its second meeting on 25 and 26 September 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico.

  • 1st CGIAR System Council Meeting

    • Paris, France
    • 12.07.16

    The System Council of the CGIAR System held its 1st meeting on 12 July in Paris, France.