3rd CGIAR System Council Meeting

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The System Council hosted its 3rd meeting virtually, on 23 November 2016. The documents of the meeting are provided below.

* Document references are provided below relevant agenda items. As the papers become available they will be accessible by a weblink.

Agenda Item 1 Opening of 3rd System Council Meeting

  • Election of meeting Co-Chair
  • Adoption of Meeting Agenda
  • Declarations of interest
Agenda Item 2  Allocating funding for the SC2 approved 2017‑2022 Portfolio

  1. SC3-2A SMB-Summary Requested W1-2 PostSC2
  2. SC3-2B Proposals of the Joint SC/SMB Funding Allocations Working Group
    SC3-2C ISPC Comments
  3. Discussion and decisions
Agenda Item 3 Setting up a Portfolio Performance Management System for CGIAR Research

  1. System Management Board presentation of progress towards integrated framework
  2. Framing strategic feedback to the Centers

SC3-03 Towards a Performance Management System
SC3-03, Annex 4: Indicators (companion document)
SC3-03A  ISPC and IEA Joint Commentary on meeting paper

Agenda Item 4 Funding system actions and entities budgetsSystem Management Board proposal on means of funding the administrative costs of System Actions and Entities, and Proposed 2017 Work Plans and Budgets for System EntitiesSC3-04 Funding System Actions and Entities Budgets– Exhibit 1 ISPC Work Plan and Budget 2017
– Exhibit 2 IEA Program of Work and Budget for 2017
– Exhibit 3 Business Plan and Budget for the System Management Office 2017
– Exhibit 4 CGIAR Trustee Estimated for CY2016 and Proposed for CY2017
Agenda Item 5 Other Business