2nd CGIAR System Council Meeting

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    Mexico City, Mexico

The CGIAR System Council held its second meeting on 25 and 26 September 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico, alongside key events marking the 50th Anniversary of CIMMYT. The documents of the meeting are provided below.

Provisional Agenda, 25 and 26 September 2016

* Document references are provided below relevant agenda items. As the papers become available they will be accessible by a weblink.

Agenda Item 1 Opening of 2nd System Council Meeting
SC2-01, Agenda
SC2-1A, Annotated Provisional Agenda
Agenda Item 2 Considering the proposed 2017 – 2022 CGIAR Portfolio:
Part 1: Reflecting on the portfolio as a whole
Presentation: Advising on System-Level research investment. Maggie Gill, ISPC Chair
– Presentation: CGIAR Portfolio 2017-2022. Martin Kropff, Interim System Mangement Board Chair
Agenda Item 3 Considering the proposed 2017 – 2022 CGIAR Portfolio:
Part 2: Exploring the proposals by category
SC2-02, ISPC Proposal Commentaries, September 2016
– SC2-02A – ISPC GLDC Commentary, 16 September 2016
SC2-02B, ISPC paper to introduce discussion on CRPs
Agenda Item 4 Confirming the 2017 – 2022 Portfolio
Agenda Item 5 Exploring available funding for 2017
Agenda Item 6 Returning to the possible areas for System Council Strategic Reflections from SC1
SC2-03, System Council Strategic Priorities, Collated Inputs
Presentation: Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases: Reflections and future directions. Hayden Montgomery, GRA Special Representative
Agenda Item 7 System Management Board Working Group on Funding System Actions and Entities
– SC2-04, Presentation – Funding System Actions and Entities
Agenda Item 8 2017 CGIAR System Entity Budget Envelopes
SC2-05, 2017 System Entity Preliminary Budgets
Agenda Item 9 Delivering on the revised 2017 – 2022 CGIAR Trust Fund, Funding and Contribution arrangements
SC2-06, Finalizing the legal agreements
Agenda Item 10 System Council Rules of Procedure
SC2-07, Proposed Final Rules of Procedure
Agenda Item 11 IEA Matters
SC2-08, IEA Matters
Agenda Item 12 Other Business
– SC2-09: Draft System Council Work Planning for end 2016 & 2017
Presentation: Update on Site Integration