1st CGIAR System Council Meeting

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    Paris, France

The System Council of the CGIAR System held its 1st meeting on 12 July in Paris, France. The documents and decisions of the meeting are provided below.

CGIAR Announces Juergen Voegele as Chair of its System Council


Agenda Item 1 Opening of 1st System Council Meeting- Election of meeting co-chair

Doc 1 – Agenda

Annotated Draft Provisional Agenda

Agenda Item 2 Adoption of System Council Chair TORAppointing System Council Chair

Doc 2 – Proposed Terms of Reference

Agenda Item 3 Reflecting on expectations for the future of CGIAR with new arrangements in place
Agenda Item 4 Fund Effectiveness Working Group – progress, next steps and discussion

Presentation: Fund Effectiveness WG Update

Agenda Item 5 The new CRP Portfolio – ISPC etc.

Doc 3 – ISPC Portfolio Level commentary

Presentation: ISPC issues for discussion with SC on CGIAR portfolio

Doc 4 – Moving forward with ISPC TOR

Agenda Item 6 Formalizing the Transition Arrangements

Doc 5 – Transitional arrangements

Doc 6 – Endorsing existing 2016 budgets

Doc 7 – Endorsing existing Policies

Agenda Item 7 Carry-Over of unspent funds into 2017

Doc 8 – CRP1 portfolio Unused Funding

Agenda Item 8 Funding CGIAR System actions and entities moving forward

Doc 9 – Funding CGIAR System actions

Agenda Item 9 Identification of System Council ‘Active Observers’ on System Management Board
Agenda Item 10 Any Other Business
Agenda Item 11 Close of 1st System Council meeting

Doc 10 – Preliminary consultation draft Rules of Procedure