• Addressing Inflation Requires Global Food Systems Transformation

    Endemic structural issues within global food systems mean that food prices are also at the mercy of surging fuel prices, energy shortages, and climate shocks. The key is to act now to protect food systems—not just over the next 12 months, but for the coming decades.

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  • CGIAR and the Linux Foundation Partner to Unlock Agricultural Field Data at Global Scale

    A research partnership to develop a standard way of sharing data about agricultural fields at scale, which could deliver global benefits, including for the estimated 500 million smallholder farmers that produce about a third of the world’s food.

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  • Africa Must Fast-track Adoption of Proven and Sustainable Solutions to Survive Food Crisis

    With over 37.5 million people across the Horn of Africa on the verge of selling their possessions to be able to afford basic nourishment, proper functioning of food systems to harvest, process and distribute food is a matter of life or famine.

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  • CGIAR Scientist Receives 2022 Borlaug Field Award

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  • CGIAR’s System Board Appoints Dr. Claudia Sadoff as Head of Multi-Disciplinary Executive Management Team

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Introducing CGIAR's New Research Initiatives

Today, research and innovation in food, land and water systems are crucial for a sustainable, climate-resilient world free from hunger and malnutrition. New approaches — and a doubling of investment — are needed to ensure we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. A more integrated and impactful CGIAR is rising to the challenge, with a fresh portfolio of Initiatives to deliver a new 10-year strategy.

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Our assets

  • 15 top-class Research Centers

    CGIAR’s global network of 15 Research Centers contributes to an unrivalled mix of knowledge, skills and research facilities able to respond to emerging development issues.

  • 3,000+ partners

    Unequalled partnerships network of more than 3,000 partners from national governments, academic institutions, global policy bodies, private companies and NGOs.

  • 89 countries

    We have a local presence in 89 countries with a deep knowledge of customs, values and market operations in developing countries.

  • 50 years experience

    A wealth of experience and knowledge spanning 50 years that builds on a track-record of innovation and world-class research.

  • 770,000+ germplasm accessions

    CGIAR Research Centers have together built up the largest and most frequently accessed network of genebanks in the world.

  • 60+ innovations that changed the world

    In 2021, CGIAR celebrated its 50th anniversary by showcasing its most impactful innovations of all time.

Learn about CGIAR’s transformation