Invest in women: Ensure that local voices matter

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Achieving gender equality is now, more urgent than ever as today’s multiple crises from climate change to global pandemics, to conflicts further threaten those most vulnerable. With a staggering 360 billion USD needed to achieve gender equality by 2030, according to UN Women, this year’s resounding call for International Women’s Day is “Invest in women: Accelerate progress.”

CGIAR, through its Gender Impact platform, aligns with this call by emphasizing the need to make finance available to women, youth, and Indigenous peoples, investing in women’s economic empowerment, and in agricultural solutions that work for women – all key levers when working towards systems transformation that is equitable and accessible to all.

As a CGIAR Research Initiative, ClimBeR science focuses on the transformative adaptation of food, land, and water systems to build smallholder resilience. Our goal is to tackle vulnerability to climate change at its roots and help communities in low- and middle-income countries better adapt and build equitable, just, and sustainable futures.

We recognize that the root causes of climate vulnerability continue to persist today, because women and other marginalized groups, such as Indigenous peoples are largely ignored and unrecognized as agents of change, as is their capacity for learning and knowledge related to adaptation solutions.

Research and innovation interventions must develop a better understanding of the interlinkages between gender equality and transformation and the social, cultural, economic, and political dimensions that affect equitable access to climate adaptation solutions.

At ClimBeR, our researchers consider how social differences and associated inequalities shape vulnerability and influence access to innovations to build resilience when working toward food systems transformation.

This International Women’s Day, we asked researchers and partners across ClimBeR what “Invest in Women: Accelerate progress,” means to them. View the video below to hear their responses which also highlight ClimBeR’s approach to building equitable and sustainable climate resilience through systems transformation.


Here’s a snapshot below of how ClimBeR science works in partnership with a diverse network of both internal and external actors towards investing in women and marginalized groups such as Indigenous peoples, and accelerating progress by ensuring the integration and amplification of local voices to ensure equitable food systems transformation for all.

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