Gender, diversity and inclusion in CGIAR workplaces

Gender, diversity and inclusion in CGIAR workplaces

In January 2020, a new cross-CGIAR Function was established to support the implementation of the Framework for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion (GDI) in CGIAR workplaces, through an ambitious two-year Action Plan. The new GDI Function provides expert support, guidance, training, and tools, working collaboratively to build on progressive efforts undertaken across CGIAR, as well as on past evaluations.

GDI data

During 2020, CGIAR’s first GDI Matrix was developed, providing a transparent baseline and driving accountability on 15 best practice indicators. Matrix data are now available on a dashboard, providing a comprehensive picture of our strengths and opportunities at CGIAR to advance GDI in our global workplaces.

In addition, CGIAR’s global GDI workforce data across a number of diversity dimensions was made available on a separate dashboard, which provides key management information for targeted action. These figures confirm that CGIAR’s workplaces are truly multicultural, multidisciplinary and multigenerational, with over 10,000 people, of 135 different nationalities, working in 108 countries. We at CGIAR have reached our Action Plan target for 2020 of 35% women in professional roles, and are close to achieving the 2021 target of 40%.

Our goal at CGIAR is to ensure that diversity in all its dimensions is embraced and that every person in our workforce is supported to reach their full potential.

Learning products

A range of key learning products were launched, including CGIAR’s first introductory GDI eLearning course. These products are housed on the new Knowledge Hub, bringing a shared understanding of CGIAR’s GDI vision and expected behaviors. The 8-month long specialist GDI focal point training program, launched in July 2020, is creating CGIAR’s first batch of entity-based GDI specialists. A GDI Expert Webinar Series has covered the topics of wellness and anti-racism. A series of GDI best practice guides is contributing to consistency across CGIAR, providing tools to mainstream GDI into their operating approaches.

Workplace wellness and community building

The global COVID-19 pandemic brought the opportunity to accelerate planned work on workplace wellness, including CGIAR’s first counselling service launched for all staff in all duty stations. CGIAR’s statement on anti-racism and our 10-point Action Plan on Anti-Racism are guiding our activities in this important area.

Conscious community-building in 2020 saw the establishment of three Employee-led Resource Groups (ERGs) in the form of cross-CGIAR, open, and voluntary platforms where staff members can gather to share common interests, concerns and support. These three ERGS are Wellness@CGIAR ERG, Women in Research and Science (WIRES) ERG, and Forum Against Inequality and Racism (FAIR) ERG.  Wellness@CGIAR ERG is leading a collaborative focus on healthy workplaces. WIRES ERG is providing a global space where women researchers and scientists, and those who wish to support them, can provide learning, mentoring and guidance, so that CGIAR can become an even more inclusive place to work. FAIR ERG convenes all those who wish to contribute to anti-racism activities throughout CGIAR’s global workplaces.

Advancing GDI

As we transition to One CGIAR, we are ensuring that advancing gender equity, diversity and inclusion is firmly embedded into our operating culture. Our goal is to ensure that diversity in all its dimensions is embraced and that every person in our workforce is supported to reach their full potential. For us, advancing GDI in our workplaces is not only the right thing to do — it is the smart thing to do.

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