Milestone achievements

Milestone achievements

A milestone is a timebound target that reflects progress toward a planned result. Milestones include outputs, output use, and outcomes along CGIAR Research Program (CRP) impact pathways as appropriate to the scale and maturity of the work.

In 2020, CRPs and Platforms reported progress against annual planned milestones. A total of 514 milestones were reported for the year. Sixty-eight percent of these were reported as complete. Twenty-three percent were extended, 5% were changed, and 4% were cancelled. In 2020, 76% of milestones had principal or significant gender relevance.

Most milestones were also mapped to CGIAR System-level Outcomes (SLOs). Thirty percent (130) of these were related to reducing poverty (SLO1); 50% (253) were linked to improved food and nutrition security for health (SLO2); and 19% (87) were related to improved natural resources and ecosystem services (SLO3).

Fourteen United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were targeted by milestones, with 54% (277) of milestones linked to SDG2 (zero hunger). Fourty-two percent (214) related to SDG13 (climate action), 40% (208) to SDG12 (responsible production and consumption), 38% (194) to SDG17 (partnerships for the goals), and 35% (182) to SDG1 (no poverty).


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