A Global Agricultural Research Partnership

Overarching documents

Strategy and Results Framework

The Strategy and Results Framework (SRF) sets common goals, strategic objectives and results to be jointly achieved by the CGIAR Participants. Adopted by the Consortium Board and the Funders Forum. SRF Action Plan to be submitted and discussed at nex…

CGIAR Principles

Adopted by the Fund Council and the Consortium Board, the principles guide the Fund Council and the Consortium in their joint efforts to implement the Strategy and Results Framework in an efficient and effective manner.

Common Operational Framework (COF)

CGIAR Policy for Independent External Evaluation

This policy for independent evaluation in the CGIAR comes into immediate and full effect as of February 1, 2012 by decision of the CGIAR Fund Council.  It was approved by the Consortium Board on August 23, 2012. The Policy addresses the independ…


List of terms adopted April 2011.  Part of the Common Operational Framework (COF).

CGIAR Financial Guidelines Series

Chapters of the historically agreed CGIAR Financial Guidelines Series that have been approved by the Consortium and the Fund Council as part of the Common Operational Framework.

CGIAR Consortium policies and guidelines

Branding Guidelines and Toolkit

CGIAR is a 40-year-old organization which has pioneered major advances in agriculture research for development, including key contributions to the Green Revolution. The members of the CGIAR Consortium (Centers) have established strong individual iden…

Consortium Level Gender Strategy

The overriding goal of the strategy is to strengthen the CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs) and the Centers’ ability to fulfill the System Level Objectives. A phased approach will be used, in which mainstreaming gender analysis in the CRPs is the f…

Consortium Level Monitoring Principles

In the reformed CGIAR, monitoring responsibilities have been transferred to the Consortium, and evaluation is the responsibility of the independent evaluation arrangement.
As per the Joint Agreement (JA) concluded between the Consortium and the Fund…