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The ICTforAg Learning Network has just been launched, providing online spaces to find collaborators, showcase innovations, explore research with a specialized AI chatbot and access learning courses. Over April and May, the network will host events featuring innovators, networking with expert mentors, training seminars and community hackathons. To take part, simply register at the portal.

Learning Network launch events (more details here)

To receive updates on these events, subscribe to the Learning Network mailing list or connect with us at

Digital solutions are constantly being developed to solve challenges in agri-food systems around the world. In 2023, ICTforAg brought together over 1,700 people involved in this space; it goes global in May 2024 with in-person events in five different countries.

The Learning Network provides a permanent home for this growing community, with the goal of catalyzing their innovative and entrepreneurial efforts to have a transformative effect on agri-food systems. It meets the need for a collaboration space to connect innovators and researchers from different countries, raise awareness and share knowledge of successful use cases.

The Learning Network offers four key features:

  • A space to collaborate with others online, documenting and tracking digital agri-food projects.
  • An innovation showcase to document and discover emerging digital agricultural solutions around the world.
  • An AI-powered chatbot trained on over 1,500 journal articles, representing the latest research into digital agrifood innovations – the Digital Innovation Navigation Assistant (DINA)
  • A mentorship platform connecting researchers and practitioners with experienced experts in various related fields.

ICTforAg and the Learning Network are brought to you by USAID Feed the Future, CGIAR through the Digital Innovation Initiative, DAI and DevGlobal.

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