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ICRISAT breeds improved plant varieties for Kenyan farmers

Kenya’s NTV station reported on ICRISAT‘s work in Kenya:

With 19 scientists in the East and Southern Africa Region, ICRISAT’s mandate in Kenya is to develop improved varieties of pigeon peas as we have seen, as well as finger millet, pearl millet, and sorghum. In collaboration with the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, ICRISAT breeds improved plant varieties in line with the agro-ecologies of certain regions in that way working with the elements of nature to bring out the best unlike the Genetically Modified Organisms.

ICRISAT implements research programs in ways that benefit smallholder farmers enabling them and their families to go beyond subsistence farming to produce surpluses that can be stored and sold to markets, paving the way for prosperity in the drylands.

Surplus produce, which is stored as food, serves as a buffer in times of hunger. Income from marketed produce enable farm families to purchase more food when needed, including inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, labor, tools, livestock, insurance and education. These will further raise farm productivity, kicking off a series of investments that bring about economic growth.

As this is sustained, it creates a self-reinforcing pathway to prosperity, a socio-economic process we call Inclusive Market-Oriented Development (IMOD) on which ICRISAT’s strategy is anchored.

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5 Responses to ICRISAT breeds improved plant varieties for Kenyan farmers

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  2. Sewaze LASSEY says:

    concernant le POIS D’ANGOLE( cajanus cajan), la variété “MIRACLE” que cultivent les paysans KENYANS, est-elle “OGM”? Si ce n ‘est pas “OGM”,

    J’aimerais en cultiver au TOGO

    • Kay Chapman says:

      Cher Sewaze LASSEY, nous sommes en train de rechercher les contacts pour le nouveaux variétés de cajanus cajan à Togo. Dès le moment que nous avons l’information, nous le publierons en commentaire ici.

      Merci pour votre question

  3. joseph omondi says:

    Am a small scale farmer in Migori and interested in your pigeon peas new variety that matures within 60 days and pearl millet. where can i get your seeds to buy.


  4. Awad Mohammed Mohammed Elzain Elhassan says:

    Need to help me Study Ph.D in plant breeding
    Agricultural Research Corporation
    Horticultural Research Center
    Vegetables Program
    Projects Research

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