Representatives from Eight Asian Countries Meet to Tackle Fall Armyworm

Over 100 participants from eight South and South-East Asian countries attended today the “Regional Workshop on Fall Armyworm Management in Asia” organized in Hyderabad.  The Fall Armyworm (FAW) is one of the most destructive crop pests and has invaded crops in India and other countries in the region including Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Speaking at the opening day of the three-day workshop, Katherine Hadda, U.S. Consul General in Hyderabad, said, “The U.S. Government is working to address the Fall Armyworm in several African countries. As the FAW has emerged in South and South-East Asia, collaboration is urgently required to manage its spread and minimize crop loss. Information on FAW’s outbreak, along with advance warnings systems, can be extremely helpful to both farmers and policy makers. This workshop aims to foster collaboration between national and regional institutions as well as the private sector to support farmers in making informed decisions on FAW management.”