Agricultural Research Unties the Gordian Knot

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Agricultural research and innovation to transform our food system is the only way to cut the Gordian knot entangling food security, climate emissions, biodiversity collapse and human health.

For CGIAR, the CERES2030 study was both a reminder and validation. A reminder that a portfolio approach to food systems research is required. And a validation of CGIAR’s efforts through targeted research – delivering benefits through partnerships focused around knowledge and empowerment, innovations that can be easily implemented from fields to markets, and policy recommendations that are supported by science.

We believe the scale of agricultural research through CGIAR needs to at least double over the next ten years if the world is to meet the urgent challenges posed by climate change, according to a report by the Global Commission on Adaptation.

Read the full interview with Juergen Voegele, Chair of the CGIAR System Council, and Vice President for Sustainable Development, World Bank, published by ONEWORLD no Hunger.

Header photo by C. De Bode/CGIAR.

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