10 Lessons from WHEAT in 2020

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The past year has been full of challenges but also full of insights. We invite you to take a look at 10 major take-aways in wheat research delivered by the CGIAR Research Program on Wheat (WHEAT) in 2020.

1. Epidemiology models for humans have a lot in common with epidemiology models for plants. Former WHEAT director Hans Braun gives his opinion in a Q+A, and Senior Scientist Dave Hodson discusses in a podcast the striking parallels between wheat rusts and global pandemics in humans. They point out that in both cases, we’re just one step ahead of the pathogen.

2. Nutrition experts recommend that half our daily intake of grains should come from whole grains. Escape the “noise” surrounding fad diets: here’s a simple, scientific explanation of the structure, health benefits and identification of truly-whole grains.

3. We know we can improve wheat productivity through better agronomic practices, but it is equally important to grow the right wheat varietiesWatch CIMMYT Wheat Physiologist Carolina Rivera discuss — in just one minute — choosing and breeding desirable wheat traits with higher tolerance to stresses.

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