CGIAR reports on policies, legal instruments, investments or curricula modified in design or implementation as a result of being informed by CGIAR research.

In 2020, CGIAR reported a total of 128 policies, legal instruments, investments or curricula informed by CGIAR research. Seventy-three percent (93) showed evidence of research findings being taken up by next users and 23% (30) involved a policy being passed or a law enacted. Four percent (5) demonstrated evidence of impact for the first time in 2020.

Policies in 2020 were linked to 13 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Significantly, 53% (68) related to SDG17 (partnerships for the goals), 48% (61) to SDG13 (climate action), and 42% (54) to SDG2 (zero hunger).

In 2020, 80% (102) of achievements under this indicator were policies and strategies, 9% (12) were budgets and investments, 6% (8) were curricula, and 5% (6) were legal instruments.


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Results indicators: