M24174 HR Development Coordinator

CIMMYT is a cutting-edge, non-profit, international organization dedicated to solving tomorrow’s problems today. It is entrusted with fostering improved quantity, quality, and dependability of production systems and basic cereals such as maize, wheat, triticale, sorghum, millets, and associated crops through applied agricultural science, particularly in the Global South, through building strong partnerships. This combination enhances the livelihood trajectories and resilience of millions of resource-poor farmers, while working towards a more productive, inclusive, and resilient agrifood system within planetary boundaries. CIMMYT is a core CGIAR Research Center, a global research partnership for a food-secure future, dedicated to reducing poverty, enhancing food and nutrition security, and improving natural resources.

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CIMMYT is seeking a dynamic, self-motivated, and service-oriented professional for the position of HR Development Coordinator, to supports the Deputy Director of HR in coordinating International HR activities and Development projects globally create to work in the Human resources Unit.


The position will be based at CIMMYT headquarters in Texcoco, State of Mexico, near Mexico City.

Specific duties:

  • Develop comprehensive project plans, including objectives, scope, timelines, resource requirements, and deliverables. Collaborate with stakeholders to define project goals and success criteria and coordinate with HR team members and other departments as needed.
  • Identify potential risks and challenges associated with HR projects and develop mitigation strategies to address them. Monitor project progress and proactively resolve issues to minimize disruptions.
  • Identify opportunities to streamline HR processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the employee experience through project initiatives. Implement best practices and continuous improvement methodologies to drive positive change.
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret HR data to measure project performance, track key metrics, and evaluate outcomes. Prepare regular reports and presentations for stakeholders to inform decision-making and demonstrate project impact.
  • Conduct Continuous improvement initiatives in support of HR operations for Locally Recruited Staff in Regional Offices in representation of the HR Manager(s) where necessary (recruitment, training, performance management, talent management, Comp&Ben, CARE, Wellness, OHS, Gender and Diversity, HR communication, Global Mobility and IRS, etc.).
  • Support staffing plans of the regional offices, including internal mobility and recruitment needs.
  • Contribute to the development of IT solutions and systems such as HR Dynamics 365 and automation tools to streamline processes, improve data accuracy, and enhance the overall efficiency of HR operations. Regularly review and update systems to leverage emerging technologies and best practices.
  • Advise HR leadership to ensure HR policies and practices remain up-to-date and aligned with legal standards. Conduct regular assessments with HR Reps in regional offices to identify and address potential compliance risks.
  • Support HR leadership to regularly review and update succession plans to adapt to changing organizational needs and talent pipelines.
  • Support HR leadership to conduct risk assessments, planning for implementation of safety measures, related trainings, emergency procedures in consultation with Occupational health & Safety team.
  • Support initiatives from the Medical Services in regional offices and monitor progress and delivery.
  • Support in developing Capacity Development material and programs as required for Academy’s promotion internally within CIMMYT and externally with Partners and Students.


  •  The candidate must have a bachelor´s degree in administrative area, human resources, psychology, or related area.
  • The selected candidate must have at least 3 years of experience on a related field.
  • Experience in project management would be a plus.
  • Experience in an international environment would be a plus.
  • Advanced level of English language (English test will be administered; candidate must score a minimum of C1 as per CEFR).
  • The selected candidate must have proficiency in using MS Office, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • The selected candidate must have proficiency in data analysis.
  • Travel may be required.
  • The selected candidate must exhibit the following competencies: Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Client Orientation, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.


CIMMYT offers an attractive remuneration package and support for continuous professional development. In addition to the provisions of the Mexican Labor Law our package of benefits includes year-end bonus (40 days), vacation premium (56%), life and medical insurance, supermarket coupons, savings fund, social Mexican benefits (IMSS, SAR / Infonavit).

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