Coordinator - Clonal Crop Conservation

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Category: Research & Development

Location: Palmira Valle Del Cauca Colombia

The Coordinator for Clonal Crop Conservation will be responsible for managing the ex-situ cassava collection at the Colombia genebank of the Alliance of Bioversity Intl. & CIAT by acquiring, conserving in-vitro, distributing, characterizing/evaluating, safety-duplicating and promoting the use of cassava germplasm.
This position will be based at the Americas hub of the Alliance, located in Palmira, Colombia.
Key Responsibilities
• Develop and implement a strategy that ensures the long-term conservation of the global cassava collection, comprising elements such as in-vitro culture, rejuvenation, phytosanitation, genetic-redundancy screening, cryopreservation, safety-duplication, and the conservation of wild relatives as seeds
• Optimize the composition of the existing collection and collect/acquire new germplasm to fill existing gaps in the collection
• Encourage a broader use of the collection by ensuring the efficient distribution of germplasm, reaching out to potential germplasm users to understand their needs, and collaborating with experts to enrich accessions with actionable information
• Coordinate research projects that address priority topics for the conservation and use of the collection
• Direct and supervise staff of the genebank’s In-vitro team working on the conservation and distribution of the collection
• Coordinate activities with other genebank areas such as the Germplasm Health Laboratory, the Seed Conservation and Regeneration teams, and the Digital Genebank as well as other CGIAR genebanks conserving clonal crops


• Advanced degree (PhD) in tissue culture, genetics, plant breeding or a closely related, relevant discipline
• Specialized postdoctoral experience (minimum 5 years) in the in-vitro conservation of clonally propagated crops
• A demonstrated track record of technical leadership and experience in tissue culture, phytosanitation and cryopreservation techniques
• Familiarity with policy instruments such as the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) and international phytosanitary regulations
• Proven ability to manage and motivate a team of researchers and technicians working towards common objectives
• Demonstrated success in attracting funding and publishing research results
• Fluency in English, both spoken and written, with fluency in Spanish being highly desirable

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