Five-in-Five Blog Series: #1 The importance of an inclusive environment in wheat research

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To mark International Women’s Day, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) Global Wheat Program met with inspiring women in the global wheat research community. In addition to highlighting the work of these leaders in science, breeding and strategy, these conversations identified five key areas to be addressed over the next five years.

Defining these “five-in-five” represents the first step in a movement towards a more diverse, inclusive and productive global wheat community.

Every day this week, WHEAT will publish a blog spotlighting one theme per day, discussed by researchers at CIMMYT and beyond. These conversations between CIMMYT scientists and international partners present a range of perspectives on why improvements in these 5 key areas are so crucial, and a vision for a more equitable wheat research community in 5 years.

The first blog in the series spotlights the importance of diversity in all of its forms. Researchers from CIMMYT, University of Sydney, and the Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology in Kazakhstan discuss the importance of mentorship, training, and female role models in achieving greater inclusivity. They highlight the role that a broader talent base can play in promoting adoption and use of new technologies in research and farmers’ fields.

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