Women are seen queueing up to plant mangrove saplings along the riverbanks of the Matla river in Sundarbans, India. Credit: Photo: Avijit Ghosh / Climate Visuals.

International Women’s Day 2024

Investing in Women

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    12:00 am > 12:00 am UTC-11:00

On International Women’s Day 2024, CGIAR proudly reaffirms its commitment to investing in women, to accelerate progress both on gender equality in food systems and in agricultural research. 

Gender equality stands at the core of CGIAR’s work, with gender equality, youth, and social inclusion forming one of our five Impact Areas. This Impact Area propels transformative research and innovation that bridge gender disparities and improve inclusivity within the global food system, enabling it to become more productive, sustainable, resilient, and equitable.

CGIAR’s initiatives aim to foster environments where women, as well as youth and other marginalized groups, can be agents of change, shaping a future where gender equality drives progress in agricultural development and food security worldwide.

In particular, CGIAR’s GENDER Impact Platform focuses on generating evidence around gender in food systems, which is critical in driving forward the agenda for gender equality within food systems research and beyond. By synthesizing research, filling knowledge gaps, and setting strategic directions, the platform ensures that CGIAR research and innovation can effectively contribute to improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable women around the globe.

Check out the GENDER Platform’s International Women’s Day campaign to learn more about how CGIAR is investing in making finance available to women, youth and Indigenous peoples; in women’s economic empowerment; and in agricultural solutions that work for women.

Concurrently, CGIAR’s Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Workplace initiative operates within our network to establish and maintain environments that are both inclusive and supportive.



Below, find news, events, and publications related to CGIAR’s work on gender.

Header image: Women queueing to plant mangrove saplings. Photo by A. Gosh/Climate Visuals.