Plan of Results and Budgets

Plans of Results and Budgets (PORBs) complement CGIAR’s Initiatives and Impact Platform Planning delineating anticipated annual outcomes relative to the estimated available resources. As a strategic planning tool, PORBs facilitate monitoring and reporting processes, allowing Initiatives and Impact Platforms to articulate their planned results based on Theories of Change and their annual timelines. These results are further detailed by Work Packages and CGIAR Implementing Centers, directly linked to approved annual budgets. This linkage provides a comprehensive overview of available resources and the defined timeline for achieving planned results in a given year.

Within the CGIAR integrated planreportreflect-replan process, the development of PORBs follows two distinct planning cycles guided by the CGIAR Adaptive Management Process: the Planning Phase and the Replanning Phase. During the Planning Stage, Initiative and Impact Platform teams project available budgets against anticipated timelines, aligning with the goals outlined in their Theories of Change, MELIA studies, and Scaling and Innovation Readiness assessments. In the Replanning Phase, Initiatives and Impact Platforms have the opportunity to update their plans to reflect any changes to the budget forecasted during the planning phase and implement recommendations from the reflect process.

PORBs serve as a vital component accompanying Center-level Decision Letters, confirming fund allocation as part of CGIAR Governance requirements specifically related to Financial and Programmatic performance oversight (refer to CGIAR System Framework, Article 6). This page hosts PORBs from CGIAR Initiatives and Impact Platforms that have been included with Decision Letters, providing transparency and accountability in the allocation and utilization of resources.


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