Turning many into one: CGIAR network restructures

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International agricultural science is facing a new era. The research network CGIAR decided on a fundamental reform in mid-June: The 15 research centers, spread over three continents, will be consolidated. This was announced by Marco Ferroni, Chairman of the System Management Board. “The core of the reform is a systemic approach to all areas,” he said at a press briefing. This will include the creation of a superordinate management structure to organize all phases of development more effectively.

Founded in 1971, CGIAR is a strategic partnership of 64 members that works with a wide range of government agencies, civil society organizations and the private sector all over the world. CGIAR’s members are both 21 developing and 26 industrialized countries, four co-sponsors, as well as thirteen international organizations. Today, more than 8000 scientists and staff are active for CGIAR in over 100 countries. The founding purpose of CGIAR was “to combat food shortages in tropical and subtropical countries through research and investment in new, highly productive plant varieties and improved livestock management.”

Read the original article on ONEWORLD No Hunger website, authored by Jan Rübel, entitled “Turning many into one: CGIAR network restructures.

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