Ending Global Hunger Need Not Cost the Earth – If We Invest Now

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This year should have been a milestone for global climate action, setting out the road towards fulfilling the Paris Agreement, including more sustainable food production.

Yet, not only has the COVID-19 pandemic postponed crucial climate talks, it has also proved a major setback in tackling global hunger and malnutrition, putting food security in a precarious position.

The challenge of global hunger is inextricable from the survival of the planet: one cannot be compromised over the other.

Read the full op-ed authored by Kundhavi Kadiresan, Managing Director, Global Engagement and Innovation, CGIAR System Organization, published by the World Economic Forum Agenda.

Header photo: Sweet potato farmer, Gerald Action, joins CGIAR scientist from CIP, Felistus Chipungu, in appreciating the vine that has transformed his livelihood. Photo by C. De Bode/CGIAR.

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