Creating a Virtual Food Policy Expert Using Artificial Intelligence: Advantages and Disadvantages of Customized Chatbot

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    CGIAR Initiative on Digital Innovation
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To explore the advantages and disadvantages of customized chatbots, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) researchers have created a virtual food policy expert using ChatGPT and a customizable AI system using training literature drawn from about two dozen food policy research reports or food policy documents.

Once the virtual food policy expert was created, a range of questions that one seeking food policy advice might ask were then posed to it to better understand the limits to its expertise, the accuracy of its responses and the value it might offer users seeking specific advice to guide the formulation and implementation of food policy-related strategies and programs

In our testing, food policy researchers were immediately impressed with how intelligently and eloquently the chatbot engaged in a chat conversation. Then, a common second reaction was that the virtual food policy expert seemed to be too general in its responses. This may reflect the somewhat general nature of the questions (prompts) posed to it. However, it may also reflect a bias toward generalized statements in the answers (completions) it offers.

Read the full post at Agrilinks, co-authored by Todd Benson, an independent consultant; Jawoo Koo, a senior research fellow with the IFPRI Natural Resources and Resilience Unit and lead of the CGIAR Initiative on Digital Innovation

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