Creating a team of young scientists equipped with tech tools to fight pests and diseases

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A recent workshop on pest and disease modeling for crops was conducted for young scientists from various parts of India, by the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, and ICRISAT. The program included training on use of novel methods, data science and machine learning tools to predict pest and disease outbreaks for their timely management.

Dr Prasanna Kumar, Coordinator of the training program, said, “Simulation models have been proven to be the most effective mathematical and statistical tools that can help to design management strategies for pests and diseases in plants.”

Dr Mamta Sharma, Theme Leader, Integrated Crop Management, ICRISAT, and Head of the Center of Excellence in Climate Change Research for Plant Protection, said, “Capacity-building activities for young researchers are among our major objectives. This way we equip them with the latest disease modeling tools to keep us all prepared for the future.” She said that the research at the Center of Excellence contributed strategic knowledge for the national program of climate change advisories for agriculture.

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