Key Messages from the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2020 (GFFA) Event: Trade for Secure, Diverse and Sustainable Nutrition

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    Washington, DC, United States

The 2020 Global Forum for Food and Agriculture event “Food for All! Trade for Secure, Diverse and Sustainable Nutrition” brought together 16 Expert Panels hosted by policymakers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders from civil society to discuss the role of international trade in achieving a healthy and sustainable food system. International trade has long helped reduce food insecurity by connecting food-scarce regions to more productive agricultural regions. To meet global goals, trade will also need to increase sustainability of food production and ensure more equitable access to scarce natural resources.

In follow-up to the GFFA 2020, IFPRI is hosting a panel to discuss key topics around the role of trade in sustaining food security and nutrition in the face of current challenges to food systems, such as climate change, protectionist tendencies, and economic uncertainty. Panelists will reflect on the trade-related decisions that developing and emerging countries must make as they seek to increase agricultural productivity, improve the functioning of food supply chains, integrate trade rules and environmental controls, and address food loss and waste.


  • Friedrich Wacker, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of the Federal Republic of Germany (via video)

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