28th CGIAR System Board Meeting

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    Paris, France

The 28th CGIAR System Board Meeting will be held in Paris, France, on 23 and 24 March 2024. See agenda and available meeting documents below.

Agenda Item

Note: a link will appear when a document is available

1. Opening of the 28th meeting and Agenda

Other resources: Document SB27-15: Draft minutes of SB27

Other materials:

2. Reflections from the System Board Chair
3. Reflections from CGIAR’s EMD
4. Implementation of the UGR Recommendations
  • Document: SB28-04a: Scenario planning to transition from the SB to the IPB
  • Document: SB28-04b: CGIAR System Framework and Charter, Tranche 1 Revisions
  • Document: SB28-04c: Partnership AFRC Ad Hoc Nominations Committee
5. Workplan of the System Board Document SB28-05: System Board workplan
6. Partnerships Engagement Framework Revision Document: SB28-06: Engagement Framework
7. 2025-2030 Portfolio Design Process
8. Revised Window Budget 1 Document SB28-08: Revised Window 1 Budget & AFRC Recommendation
9. Decision-making on Implementation of the UGR Recommendations
10. AOB
11. Closed session