21st CGIAR System Board Meeting

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The 21st CGIAR System Board Meeting was held on 18 October, virtually.

See agenda and meetings documents below.

** Indicates internal working documents that will evolve, and will be made publicly available when at a more mature status

Agenda Item

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1. Opening of the 21st meeting and Agenda SB21-01 – Agenda as approved

– Register of interests declared (provided on day of meeting)**
List of out-of-session decisions taken since SB20

2. Empowering the One CGIAR Integrated Operational Structure – Implementing Arrangement N1 SB21-02a: Briefing on status of IA#1 (provided on the day)**
SB21-02b: Implementing Arrangement N1 (final for approval)
3.Empowering the One CGIAR Integrated Operational Structure – Regions and Countries Resource: One CGIAR Integrated Operational Structure
4.Evaluation in One CGIAR SB21-04: Presentation – Independent Evaluation for One CGIAR: Consulting System Board on Evaluation Policy and Multi-Year Workplan 

– MOPAN 2019 Assessment of CGIAR
– CGIAR Management Response to MOPAN 2019 (pp 6-7)
– CGIAR Policy for Independent External Evaluation (2012)

5.Innovative Finance, Resource Mobilization, Stability & Growth Prospects for One CGIAR SB21-05: Briefing on Funding Outlook & Resource Mobilization (provided on the day)**

Resources: Resource Mobilization, Communications and Advocacy Strategy