11th CGIAR System Council Meeting

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The 11th meeting of the CGIAR System Council was held virtually, on 16-17 December 2020. Additionally, a series of optional drop-in deep dive session took place on Tuesday 15 December. The Agenda and links to documents available can be found below.

Overview of events during the week 

Tuesday 15 December: Pre-SC11 Drop-in Deep Dive sessions on:

(more information on content & logistics will follow soon)

Sessions Resources
One CGIAR Advice: A conversation on learning, accountability and evidence-based planning and programming
(6:30 – 8a.m. EST)
Deep dive flier
Enhancing Gender, Diversity & Inclusion across CGIAR (session 1: 4 – 6a.m. EST / session 2: 10 – 11a.m. EST)
Wednesday 16 December: SC11-Dialogue Day

SC11 Dialogue Day program
SC11 Dialogue Day speakers

Sessions Resources
Opening the Science Dialogue
Dialogue on ‘Being responsive to the world around us’
Dialogue on ‘Leveraging what we have learned’
SPIA Ethiopia Synthesis report

“The Payoff to Investing in CGIAR Research”

Ceres2030: Sustainable Solutions to End Hunger

Dialogue on ‘Focusing on impact’
Thursday 17 December: SC11-Business Day
Sessions Resource
Meeting opening SC11-01_Provisional Agenda

SC11-02_One CGIAR Progress Report

Focused decision-making session SC11-03a-CGIAR 2030 Research & Innovation Strategy

Spread format of SC11-03a-CGIAR 2030 Research & Innovation Strategy
[if a more optimal reading format]

SC11-03b_Endorsed CGIAR Performance and Results Management Framework

Strategic steer session SC11-04a_2022-2024 Investment Plan Process

SC11-04b_2022-2024 Investment Plan Outline

Materials approved on an electronic basis with effect from 17 December

Additional resources