Sustainable Animal Productivity


The Sustainable Animal Productivity Initiative has a wide array of demand, innovation, and scaling partners. Partners, stakeholders and scientists co-design the activities at country and work package levels through a series of consultations, some before the submission of the proposal to articulate the demand. Demand partners include livestock keepers and their organizations and other value chain actors (such as forage seed producers, extension service providers) who need and rely on evidence to improve their livelihoods, focusing on the seven priority countries. Scaling partners are government entities as well as private companies collaborating with the Initiative on improved innovations, like genetics (e.g. Hendrix Genetics); vaccine manufacturing companies (e.g. Zoetis, Hester Biosciences); feed-forage seed production companies (e.g. Devenish Nutrition Ltd.), as well as NGOs with strong field presence and large-scale development programs. Some scaling partners are also innovation partners, such as private companies conducting research on health, feed, or genetics innovations. Other innovations partners are universities (e.g. RTI on human nutrition, SUA on feed), located in the North as well as in the priority countries.



Lead: Isabelle Baltenweck, 

Co-lead: Mourad Rekik, 


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