A new herd health manual for smallholder dairy farmers in Kenya

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A comprehensive integrated herd health management manual for the Kenyan dairy sector is being created by a team of researchers from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), the Government of Kenya and private sector representatives.

The manual is part of the innovations that will be rolled out by public and private animal health practitioners under the CGIAR Initiative on Sustainable Animal Productivity.

Since 2022, the Initiative has been working with livestock sector stakeholders in Kenya on the integrated herd health approach to address animal health and productivity challenges, going beyond paying attention to individual livestock diseases, therapy and management; and embracing more holistic, preventive and context-specific herd management practices.

These include husbandry, vaccination, improved nutrition, better reproductive management, enhanced hygiene, appropriate housing and animal welfare.

The sustainability of the approach hinges heavily on appropriate incentives for private veterinarians and animal health assistants.

Photo: A dairy farmer cleans her cow’s udder in preparation for milking in Siaya County, Kenya (FIPS/Raymond Jumah)

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