The challenges facing food, land and water systems are numerous and complex: more than 700 million people live in absolute poverty, with millions more young people seeking jobs every year; at least 2 billion people are hungry, micronutrient-deficient, or overweight or obese; gender gaps persist; natural resources are under stress; and climate change compounds these challenges. 

In addressing these interlinked challenges, the choices facing national governments and their development partners have become increasingly complicated — synergies are possible, but trade-offs are often unavoidable. Decision-makers need better evidence to help them choose actions that minimize trade-offs and advance progress towards collective goals. Cross-cutting capacity is needed to understand system-level interactions and outcomes.


This Initiative combines state-of-the-art analytics, innovative use of data, and close engagement with national, regional and global partners to offer better insights into alternative transformation pathways that can inform choices and sharpen decision-making today, leading to more productive, sustainable and inclusive food, land and water systems in the future. 

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