The CGIAR Initiative on Foresight combines state-of-the-art analytics, innovative use of data, and close engagement with national, regional and global partners to offer better insights into alternative transformation pathways that can inform choices and sharpen decision-making today, leading to more productive, sustainable and inclusive food, land and water systems in the future.



Where We Work

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The CGIAR Initiative on Foresight conducts foresight analysis for all countries and regions, but with a particular focus on two regions (Eastern and Southern Africa, and South Asia) and six countries (Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, Rwanda and Zambia), working with the ReNAPRI and SANEM networks of policy research institutions and other partners. The Initiative will also work with technical partners in Brazil (Embrapa), China (CAAS), India (ICAR), Indonesia (Bappenas) and South Africa (the National Treasury).

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